Peter Pan - a Magical Adventure, Octagon, Yeovil

PETER Pan at Yeovil Octagon this year is high on magic, with one of the best flying sequences you're likely to see anywhere, as our hero takes Wendy, John and Michael high above the rooftops of London and out into the cosmos before landing on the isle of Neverland.This sort of effect would have been an impossibility until very recently, and David Lee's Pantoni Pantomimes has done a marvelous job, working with Freedom Flying and Accolade Productions.David has worked with Octagon manager Adam Burgan, and notable collaborators including Ben Langley, to create this script that manages to draw from JM Barrie's original and to incorporate raps, references to Bob the Builder (who makes three appearances), sponsors and more. He has also gathered a very strong cast, including Honeyz leader Celena Cherry as Tiger Lily, the very funny Mike Carnell as Smee and renaissance man Greg Patmore as Hook, as well as a convincing boy-who- wouldn't-grow-up in George Reeve.The Rita Proctor Dancers, now in their 24th year of panto in Yeovil along with David lee, are led by the terrific Kiel Payton (as Cut-throat Jake), with Dan Constanzo, Troy Berley, Adam Cary and James House putting in hi-energy and exciting routines.Greg Patmore, composer, sound designer, singer and actor, is a hilarious and glamorous Hook, and even managed what could have been a nasty fall with consummate throwaway skill.Mike Carnell delighted children and grown-ups with irrepressible ad-libbing and some very funny lines. George Reeve's Peter had all the heroic, shy petulance of an uncomfortable teenager, and Charlotte Stevenson's Wendy added the right maternal protection for him and the rest of the Lost Boys. A number of "extra" scenes – Bob, various dances and a lengthy Streets of London introduction – make this a long pantomime at almost three hours, but there is enough magic and brilliant dancing to make most of it pass quickly.This is a show that's big on spectacle, TV references for the kids, colourful sets and costumes, great movement and fun.But I will never, never, understand why David Lee has large numbers of people on stage with a sound-track that is quite clearly not them singing (in this case an American adult choir with many strong male voices while on-stage were children, women and two men). With voices like that of the powerful Celena Cherry, it's not even necessary. Peter Pan runs at the Octagon until 2nd January.


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Peter Pan

11th December 2010 - 2nd January 2011

Celena Cherry, Greg Patmore, Mike Carnell, George Reeve,
Charlotte Stevenson, Nicolette George

The Rita Proctor Dancers:. Rita Proctor Teensteppers and The Helen Laxton Juveniles.Special Guest – Bob the Builder, © HIT Entertainment, and appears by courtesy of Premier Stage Productions Ltd.

Script by David Lee & Adam Burgan - Directed by David Lee & Choreographed by Rita Proctor

Musical Director Andy Mudd

Box Office Tel: 01935 422884